About me

Louise Bylund is a musician based in Sweden. Due to her mother’s work, she was born in Australia and has spent most of her childhood abroad. At the age of 14 she started playing the Swedish traditional instrument ”nyckelharpa” and in July 2015 she was awarded the title ”Riksspelman”, National Folk Musician, on nyckelharpa.

Her interest in nyckelharpa began when she moved to Sweden at the age of 11. She found the two nyckelharpas her parents had been playing on before she was born and immediately decided that this was what she wanted to do. After three years of searching for a teacher she started her first lesson for Boel Oldberg in 2004 and got hooked. Since then she has had performances in both Sweden and abroad.

She plays mainly Scandinavian music but also loves to try new genres and collaborations with different musicians.

Apart from music Louise has since a very young age had a big interest in Japan. She studied at Sophia University in Tokyo for two years and took her degree in ”Japanese Studies” at Stockholm University before she moved to Japan in 2013 for work. Louise is back in Sweden since November 2016 and is continuing to work with both Japan and music.


Louise Bylund