Louise has been surrounded by music all her life but it was not until she moved back home to Sweden at the age of 11, after living abroad, that she found her parents’ nyckelharpas and decided immediately to start learning to play this fascinating instrument.

She started in 2004, when she found her teacher, to take private lessons and her interest and love to the instrument and the Swedish folk music just grew more and more and a couple of years later she became a member of the music group “Järfälla Spelmän” where she has been a member ever since.

While taking private lessons she also went to different courses for shorter or longer periods and in 2015 Louise became a “Riksspelman” on the nyckelharpa which was a dream of hers since she started playing.

She plays mainly Scandinavian music but also loves to try new genres and collaborations with different musicians. She has had performances both in Sweden and abroad. She has performed for the Japanese Princess Takamado when she visited Sweden and also for a Japanese drama aired on the channel NHK in 2019. She had several concerts in Japan while she lived there and was also invited by the Swedish Embassy in China to Beijing to play at a big event in the concert hall “The Giant Egg”.

Below you have an example of Louise playing and singing: